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Information for media - accreditations


Accreditations for the home media representatives

The press accreditations for the air show attending will be accepted from 1-12 September, filling out the form which will be placed on the air show web site.

For additional information regarding accreditation, you can call the Ministry of Defense - Public Relations Department, telephone:011/3203-015

For additional information regarding air show program, you can call Lieutenant-Colonel Miloš Nikša, telephone 064/1177-886.

Accreditations for the foreign media representatives

Foreign media representatives should send accreditations once they have received temporary accreditations from the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Serbia.
Before your arrival in Serbia, editor-in-chief or the director for the media you are working for, should send the accreditation request to the Ministry of Culture, to the following emails:


or to the following fax numbers: +381 11 311 18 18 or

+381 11 311 26 18

The accreditation request should contain the following

  • Name and a short description of the media you work for
  • Your name, last name, passport number, citizenship and the duties
  • Type of accreditation you provide (temporary correspondent, permanent correspondent or a special correspondent) including the length of your stay
  • Topicsyou will be covering

After you have received accreditation from the Ministry of Culture you can obtain accreditation for the air show by following the same procedure as the local media, by filling in the form:



After arriving in Belgrade you can claim your accreditations for media coverage of the event in the Central SAF Dome at 19 Brace Jugovica Street on Saturday, 12 September 2009, from 9 to 5.

For additional information in the Ministry of Culture, you can call:
Zorica Povrenovic
phone/fax: +381 11 311 26 18
e-mail: zpovrenovic@min-cul.sr.gov.yu

TIjana Puhalovic
phone/fax: +381 11 311 18 18
e-mail: tpuhalovic@min-cul.sr.gov.yu