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The skills and capabilities of pilots, the diversity of aircrafts, the exhibition of these superior, powerful and sophisticated combat aircrafts, with the program of parachutists, model makers, balloons, light and unmanned aircrafts,  and of special aircrafts, museum exhibits and acro groups, on 13 September all promise that this will be a memorable event for both the guests and  the visitors of the Serbian capital, at Batajnica airfield.

Batajnica airfield 2009 is dedicated to celebration of a centennial of the Serbian aviation. Our aviation today is a guarantor of the safety of the Serbian skies. This branch of our military will demonstrate the capabilities to the public and numerous guests from abroad.

We talked about this with the officers in charge with the organization of this great event, the director if the air show, Colonel Sreta Malinovic, Assistant Commander of the SAF Air Force.


A large number of countries have confirmed their participation. They will demonstrate pilots’ capabilities of the aviation in different aircrafts.

So far, more than ten countries have confirmed participation, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Great Britain, Germany and USA confirmations are still coming, with the participation of the air force. Not only will the military air force participate, but other commercial, sports and light aviation will give their contribution too.

The visitors will be able to see the latest air craft-gripen, whose capabilities of the equipment in the flight and static part of the show will be demonstrated by the Hungarian pilots.

The Italians will present popular euro fighter typhoon aircrafts, and we believe we will take part in the flight and exhibition part of the air show, as they will arrive on two aircrafts. Danish pilots, for example, will present F16 plane in the flight and static part of the show.

The aviation lovers will have an opportunity to enjoy observing a large number of transport aircrafts, such as the Bulgarian spartan, and if they confirm theirarrival the visitors will see the transport helicopter cougar. The Germans will present a transport plane C-160 transall, while the US airmen will show us C-130E plane. We are expecting a fire fighting aircraft, used by their Emergency Situations Department. This multipurpose aircraft B-200 beriev can be used for providing support to the civilians in natural disasters.

The Czechs will probably represent themselves using Mi171 CX helicopter, as they have had a squadron of these helicopters for ten year now. This chopper had proved to be as quite resistant to climate changes.

The Austrian participants will come with alouette III helicopter, which is a sophisticated transport chopper for transporting special persons.

The Turks will demonstrate their capabilities and their pilots’ skills on F16 aircrafts, while the Spanish delegation will present themselves on C-295 plane, a medium-sized cargo plane, with a very interesting flight program.

The visitors will also be given a rare opportunity to observe attractive flights of small and light aircrafts, as well as of the training planes for the initial pilot training, mostly coming from club schools. Old-timer planes will surely attract the attention of visitors, as these are exhibits of the Yugoslav War Air Force Museum.

Ass for the participation and appearance of the British Hawk F-18, there has not been any official confirmation, yet we expect them to arrive for the air show on 13 September.

Our pilots will perform flights on well-known planes such as MiG 29s, orao, G-4, good old galeb G-2 N-60, and gazelle helicopter. For the first time, the public will see last training plane. The special brigade and Nebeske vidre  acro group will complete the parade of our air force. Our aircrafts, even though they are of the older generation, still represent a reliable pillar of our air force. However, the procurement of more modern air crafts awaits us.


Can you tell us something about the air show program?

The gates of the airport will be open from 08:30, when kite flyers, balloons, unmanned aircrafts and light aviation will  start their demonstration. The program officially starts at 11:00 with a ceremonious parade, followed by a mix, that is, a mix of special performance of commercial, fighter and club aviation and parachutists, of course.

The events over the Belgrade will be commented by a presenter, who will direct and guide the public to certain contents, and aircraft performances, informing them of the characteristics of the air crafts and the modern aviation. The flight program will last till 16:00, while at the same time the visitors will be able to see a ground exhibition. Batajnica air show 2009 will finish around 17:00 with a performance of acro groups.


Who will be the stars of the event?

Typohoon most certainly in the exhibition part of the show, as it is an impressive and powerful aircrafts, as well as the mirage 200-5, an old aircraft of the Greek aviation. Gripen’s performance will probably catch spectators’ eye, while the Hungarian fighter choppers Mi-24 will certainly stand out as they are of very peculiar shape and the program itself will be interesting.

Actually, al aircrafts, whether in the skies or on the ground will be the stars of the show, as I am sure that they will do their best to give a memorable performance to spectators.