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Interview with Brigadier General Ranko Zivak, commander of the SAF air force


The Batajnica 2009 air show will be an opportunity for the home and foreign expert public as well as state and military officials to see the modern technical advancements in aviation. This will also be an excellent opportunity to improve and partially modernize the infrastructure of Batajnica airfield, which will promote the air force, the Serbian Armed Forces and our country in the region and the world.

This international gathering of aircrafts, the biggest in the last ten years in Belgrade, Batajnica 2009 air  show, was an occasion to do an interview with the Air Force commander Brig. Gen. Ranko Zivak.


How are the preparations of SAF Air Force going?

Our airmen are in charge of establishing and maintaining contact with foreign participants, to create the Batajnica 2009 program as well of designing and redoing the terrain where the air show is to take place. We have also established communication outside the defense system, which have showed readiness to help organize this manifestation.

There some problems, of course, yet we are solving them in the stride, so all preparations are going as planned. We have formed several teams and groups within the command which are dealing with the organization and realization of these tasks. Our flying team has written a communication instruction about communicating with the participants of the air show, defining security measures and specifying how to coordinate the technical support military establishments.


How will SAF present themselves?

The pilots will do their program where they will demonstrate their capabilities on aircrafts and choppers orao, Galeb G-4, Galeb G-2, MiG 29 and gazelle helicopter. The parachutists of the Special Brigade will also take part and Nebeske vidre team will participate as well.

The performance of the Serbian pilots will be based on what we have done so far on orao and galeb G4, which has been rehearsed well enough, and therefore does not require any additional engagement of resources. The program has been tailored to suit the spectators. It is predominantly an air show for the public, and not a specialized air show where the capabilities of airmen are tested.


Can 204th aviation base provide al the support it needs to the Batajnica 2009 air show?

We have analyzed all our capacities, and we possess those resources for accommodation and support to foreign airmen participating as well as the resources for technical support. What we do not have we will boost by dislocating resources from other units.
Nikola Tesla airport has offered us support when it comes to the realization os special needs and requests of our foreign colleagues. The Kingdom of Denmark has sent us a donation of four refueling tanks which will facilitate the whole process of petrol delivery. Moma Stanojlovic is doing everything necessary to enable us to present ourselves in the best light.

As for the reception of a large number of guests and visitors, we will be using the capacities of 204th base. The Ministry has also deployed the services of the chain of military restaurants Dedinje which will be engaged as a catering service. We have also prepared publications and souvenirs, in short, we will do our best to make all the guests and visitors feel at home.

What security measures will you implement?

The safety of all visitors and participants comes first, and will be organized according to STANAG 3533 standards for military security. There is a maximum distance between observers and the demonstration in the air, there is also the definition of prohibited sectors, minimal work, as well as for the location of firefighting and first aid teams.
General safety will be at top level, and the Military Police will be tasked with this. The visitors will be able to enter the Batajnica airfield at all entrances, the roads will be marked, and the space for the audience will be visibly marked and fenced. The Military Police will be controlling al entrance points, where special scanners will be placed in order to prevent  any prohibited items from being brought in. only those vehicles which have passed antiterrorist control will be able to enter. City services and the traffic police will help us organize transport, as on certain points in the city, the frequency of certain bus lines will be increased.

We will control our pilots’ flights, while the Directorate of Civil Aviation will control the demonstrations of civilian aviation clubs. Flight Control Agency members will monitor foreign aviation flights.


Can you tell us what this air show really means for the Serbian aviation?

This air show will be promoting Serbian aviation, SAF and our state. Since we expect good turnout of our foreign colleagues, this will be an excellent opportunity for our citizens and statesmen to see the modern advancements in the aviation, and where the Serbian aviation is at this moment. Our airmen will gain enormous experience in preparing the air show. We will improve the technical capacities and functionality of our aircrafts, and we can expect more flights over Belgrade these days. We will do very important infrastructural works, as at this very moment civil engineering companies are repairing maneuver space, airstrips, taxi ways as well as other infrastructure in the airfield. Furthermore, the flight control tower is being finalized and the latest technological equipment will be installed these. Vertical and horizontal signalization in the airfield will also be done, which will increase flight safety.